Exeter College Vacation Project is a registered charity run solely by Exeter students that aims to provide holidays for socially deprived or disadvantaged children throughout the Oxford area.


Chosen in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Social Services, many of the children are young carers who have suffered from abuse at home. ExVac rus two week-long holidays that provide them with the opportunity to get away, enjoy otherwise unavailable activities, learn how to get along with others in a group environment and receive individual attention from the leaders. The holidays also take pressure off their families for a short time.


Financing the project depends entirely on donations from private sources, Oxford university colleges, charitable trusts and a number of fundraising events staged by the students within the University. The size of the project means that any donation makes an enormous difference. ExVac, which has just celebrated its 35th birthday needs about £13,000 every year.


All donations are greatly appreciated and can be acknowledged on the new website. Not only are we very grateful for monetary donations but non-monetary donations from companies are also welcome, which can be used during the holidays or for fundraising events for example prizes for a raffle.


For further information or a full financial report please write to The President, Exeter College Vacation Project, Exeter College OX1 3DP or